GLOBAL RUSSIA DMC & PCO specializes on MICE, Adventure travel, special interest groups, business meetings & Conferences.

We deliver an individual approach to each client and partner company.

Ryleeva st. 21, Saint-Petersburg, 191123, Russia

+7 (812) 385-7307

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Global Russia prides itself on its integrity that has been the cornerstone of a «yes, we can» attitude


Global Russia DMC is proud to have team of some of the best managers in the field, our team members are highly trained and this fact, combined with their specialized knowledge of their home country, provides guests with the an ultimate insight into Russian culture, history and traditions.
Entrusting your project to Global Russia team you can rely upon the professional management and execution guided by highest standards of MICE industry. Product excellence and full support to our customers, is always at the forefront of our delivery. We guarantee a strict implementation of all commitments!

Fedor Vergus

Chief Executive Officer

— “GLOBAL RUSSIA it’s the union of people who share love for traveling and for organization of different events. Take a trip with us and your life won’t ever be the same.”

Mikhail Merkulov

Managing Partner

— “Our team can be entrusted with any project and we will cope with it with great pleasure. The projects that we are implementing become references in the compilations of preferences of other companies.”

Anastasia Vasilenkova

Senior Project Manager

— “We love to travel and learn new things, and we want to share our love with you. Projects are scheduled very busy, we elaborately think over every detail of the route.”

Tatiana Zabolotskih

Senior Project Manager

— “Our team approaches the organization of projects in a way that in a minimum of time we invest maximum in the program and make a real adventure of the project.”

Julia Belyakova

Senior Project Manager

— “The strength of the company is its broad vision and the lack of bounds. Our team can do easily what other companies simply do not dare to implement.”

Dvorikova Ekaterina

Project Manager

— “Creative approach to the development of MICE and tourism conceptions is what we experience every day and we like to do it, it’s very exciting and interesting.``

Julia Duchenko

Project Manager

— “It’s always delightful to see the positive emotions and joy of customers during the implementation of the projects. It is always a great pleasure to receive positive feedback after events. It charges and gives strength not to stop and to move forward.”

Elena Mandrik

Project Manager

— “In addition to teamwork, our work includes extensive traveling experience across Russia and around the world. Participation in various events and business trips let us to see the world and learn a lot.”

Lyubov Aslanova

Supplier Realationships Manager

— “Organization of different events and trips is a lot of work and responsibility. Our team is a real Russia Travel Experts. ”

Anastasia Kosenko

Operation Manager

— “Our team makes the most out of emotions, impressions and new experience. Every time our clients say words of gratitude to us.”

Olga Musina

Operations Manager

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